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A fun, hip little bag that makes life a little easier! Our hands-free bags help your little girl on-the-go carry her small items, so you don’t have to!  

We are a lifestyle brand dedicated to EMPOWERING little girls. We encourage them to be INDEPENDENT and INSPIRE them to follow their heart, be adventurous, DREAM BIG, and always express themselves. Our fashionable bags and accessories are playful, interchangeable, and simple. Just snap them on and off!     

Mom Created

HipCity Sak is mom-created. When my little girl was four she loved to bring along small toys and other items which often ended up getting lost in the mix of traveling, dirty on the car floor, or held by me. Little purses didn’t work because she usually dropped them too, and I would end up carrying both hers and mine!


From Problem to Inspiration

Determined, I began searching for a hands-free bag. Something I could strap on her- something easy for her- to help her manage her stuff. Frustrated, I couldn’t find what I was looking for, but totally inspired, I decided to make one myself. I went to the local craft store, bought some elastic and fun colored, wipeable material, got out my sewing machine, and sewed the first one!



Daughter Tested

My daughter fell in love. She loved her new “home” she had for her little toys and the fact that they were close to her and she was in charge of them. I created a “bag rule” that said she could bring anything with her as long as it fits into her bag. This cut down on the amount of stuff she brought with her and also helped her make good choices about what to bring. We were both happy!



Sister Inspired

One day my daughter came to me and asked, “Mom, can I just wear the belt today? I don’t have anything to carry.” That day, my sister, Pam, happened to see her, and as honest as sisters are, said the belt didn’t look right without the bag because the snaps were exposed. So, voila! Thanks, Sis! Our snap on accessories were born. Beautiful designs little girls can relate to; meant to inspire and be worn when the bag is not needed.



Shoot for the Stars!

Three years later, my daughter is now seven years old and continues to wear it and love it and so do her friends! It has become such a useful product to me that I knew other moms and daughters would benefit from having one of their own as well. Shooting for the stars isn’t something I just tell my daughter to do. I show her every day as I build this little company and make my own dreams of empowering little girls and making mom’s life a little easier come true!

 Join the mission! Treat the special little girl in your life to a HipCity Sak. 

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  The HipCity Sisters